Pechanga casino gambling age harra casino joliet

The casino is just off I and a short minute drive from downtown San Diego. It does not indicate age requirements on their website.

I had also asked this pechanga casino gambling age question several times, and not gotten a proper answer. You can also go find casino information by going to our page Casinos by Tribes or Casinos by Cities. There are currently 10 Indian casinos operating in San Diego County with two casinos in development stages It does vary, as my brother and his family found aout the hard way once at Pala. What do you do if you win a big lottery prize? The primary mission of SCTCA is to serve the health, welfare, safety, education, cultural, economic and employment needs of its tribal members and enrolled Indians in the San Diego County urban areas.

It is 21 now. Several years ago it was 18, but when they opened the hotel/casino and started serving alcohol at the games it went to Is it still 18? Edit: I just read on-line in all CA Indian casino, legal age to gamble is 18? Is this true? I thought it was 21 for Pechanga? Thank you. Gambling Problems? Call GAMBLER. Compulsive Gaming Doesn't Pay. Pechanga is committed to Responsible Gaming.

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